International Medical Institute

About the specialty:

International Medical Institute (IMI), is the basic educational- scientific structural division of higher professional educational institution “International University of Science and Business.

Higher professional educational institution “International University of Science and Business is the private higher educational institution working at a basis of self-government and self-financing.

The International Medical Institute (IMI) is founded in 2016 and has the license No. LD160000506 for the right of introduction of educational activity in the sphere of professional higher education in the direction: «Medical business».

MMI carries out the activity according to the current legislation and other legal regulations of the Kyrgyz Republic, Charter of IUSB, local normative documents of University, and the provision of MMI.

The institute is engaged in the purposeful organization of educational process, the choice of forms, methods and tutorials, making use of domestic and foreign experience, modern IT technologies, creates necessary conditions to students for development of professional educational programs, brings up students in the spiritual and moral relation, promotes personal development of students, provides unity educational, scientific, educational and other processes.

The option at discretion of training courses, techniques of teaching and training, problems of the scientific research and means of their decision providing high quality of educational and scientific processes is guaranteed to institute.

The institute has the right of an open entry to information which the University, necessary for ensuring educational process and carrying out scientific research has.

The main task of Institute is:

Preparation of highly skilled, experts of health care on the basis of achievements of scientific and technical progress and introduction of applied medicine of the latest methods, the prevention and diagnostics and treatment of diseases.

Exercise of the commercial activity which is bringing in the income to University.

Development and expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation of University with the interested Kyrgyz and foreign higher education institutions, the enterprises and the organizations for all primary activities of University.

To participate in implementation of the contracts signed by University with educational institutions, the centers, the research organizations and the enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign countries.

The institute carries out training in the Medical Business direction, specialty — «Doctor»

Duration of tutoring is 5 years, upon termination of the University graduates gain the diploma of the state exemplar of the Ministry of Education of KR about higher education.

Tutoring language is English!

At the moment 78 students from India, Pakistan and other countries study in the IMI.

For successful passing of medical practice and further height in professional or scientific career, IMI incorporates characteristic stations of emergency medical service, clinic “Ayu-Medical” and research institutes.

Bishkek social and stationary establishment of the common type for elderly and persons with restricted opportunities.

The institute contains departments, offices, laboratories, the centers, etc.

The medical faculty trains experts of therapists, surgeons, neuropathologists, the obstetrician — gynecologists, traumatologists, otolaryngologists, oculists, oncologists, dermatologists, infectiologists, family doctors, phthisiatricians, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, urologists, and doctors of other specialties.

Students of medical faculty are constant participants of many scientific international congresses, the world sports championships, various competitions.

Practically all departments of medical faculty are equipped with computers and the modern diagnostic and medical complexes that allows to give medical help to the population at the highest level.

International University of Science and Business is a private high professional educational institution and educational-scientific organization created according to the Law of Kyrgyz Republic «Education Act» ,in order to realize professional educational programs of high, postgraduate and additional education. Our university is aimed to provide practice-oriented education with social support for students, teachers and doctors, that is the provision of social housing and guaranteed employment of graduates. The university was established as an innovative platform for effective interaction between science, education and business created due to the fact that the University initially was focused on the needs of promising industries of the present and the future.

International University of Science and Business is innovative educational complex functioning on the principles of autonomy and academic freedom.


The mission of the University is to prepare specialists of new formation, who will be able to provide positive changes in economics and society combining research, project and business activity.


-To become scientific and economic mediator between science and business,to be a conduit for innovative ideas in education,science and business for local and foreign organizations and enterprises.

— Using investment opportunity,own resources,modern high information technology and international educational standards,cooperation with partners,to prepare professionals:young specialists,economists,managers and researchers of international level.

— Carrying out quality selecting of the best candidates among talented youth,to educate progressive students of high culture, able to make their own decisions, to assist the graduates in employment,conduction of scientific researches and starting a business.


The commercialization of scientific research

Practice-oriented education

Infrastructure of IUSB

IUSB has more than 100 thousand square meters of educational area for the full cycle of education “School-College-University”. Also the University possesses 150 thousand square meters of area for educational and household needs of the University.

IUSB began the Campus construction — the campus where a modern educational environment is created: educational buildings, research institutes, residential complex for students and employees, scientific library, reading rooms and gyms.

Plans and projects

The first socially oriented project of IUSB is a substation of Emergency medical service which on a grant basis the university transferred to operational management to Department of health care Bishkek.

It is begun designing of Multi-profile clinic of Emergency medical service, the including nuclear medicine, and also the simulation medical center. The construction of medical clinic of a day hospital comes to the end.

And also are planned:

The center of social and economic development of the Republic, Institute of food biotechnology and food, the Central Asian medical clinic, the Central Asian proton center, the Higher school of cookery of Central Asia, Research center of food biotechnology, Academy of an entrepreneurship, Technopolis «Central Asian», the Republican centers «Worldskills-Kyrgyzstan» and «Juniorskills-Kyrgyzstan», the international youth movement of inventors and rationalizers «The territory of opening», public movements «Today the student — tomorrow the EXHIBITOR».

Annual Issyk kul international forum «Mankind and world: of the present to the future». Annual Issyk kul forum of youth «Future youth eyes».


Professional education level


Years of study

Tuition fees per year

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5 years


State diploma

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